Homosexuality Decriminalised in India

July 3, 2009

On 2nd July 2009, the Delhi High Court issued a landmark ruling in favour of gay rights. It decriminalised homosexual acts between consenting adults.

The court held that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was in violation of India’s Constitution. The Chief Justice stated:

If there is one constitutional tenet that can be said to be underlying theme of the Indian Constitution, it is that of ‘inclusiveness’.

Where society can display inclusiveness and understanding, such persons can be assured of a life of dignity and nondiscrimination.

It cannot be forgotten that discrimination is antithesis of equality and that it is the recognition of equality which will foster the dignity of every individual.

This ruling is a huge step forward for human rights groups and the gay community in India.

Those opposed to gay rights have already indicated that they will challenge this landmark ruling.


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