Police Foil NSCN-IM’s Plan to Rob Bank

May 8, 2009

Police state they intercepted a plan by the NSCN’s Isak-Muivah faction to rob the Rural Bank at Kamba.  Yomjum Gongo, a member of the separatist group, was found carrying a M20 pistol on him.

Gongo admitted that he and four other members of the NSCN-IM were planning to rob the Bank, which is located about 20km from Aalo, West Siang District. The police have observed that many youths from West Siang are being recruited and trained at Camp Hebron, which is the general headquarters of the NSCN.

An extract from an article in The Telegraph states:

Former Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Mukut Mithi cautioned New Delhi that if the activities of the Isak-Muivah group, which is under a ceasefire agreement with the Centre, were not checked, the peaceful state would turn into a haven for the Naga militant outfit.

There have been reports that the NSCN imposes extortion demands on businesses and villagers.  In 2001, stated-owned Oil India Ltd shut down its operations at the Khumsai oil well after the NSCN served an extortion notice of Rs 6 million.


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